Enrolled teams

You can enroll your team from 1st October

27th - 30th June

  1. Freedom Romania
  2. Team ASMF
  3. Riva Black Sharks
  4. La Passion United
  5. Queensbury FC
  6. Holland Spolina 
  7. Renaissance Asnieres 
  8. WAP UTD 
  9. Orbis 
  10. Rehsumpfe Sportfreunde
  11. FC Outlaws
  12. US Croissy 

29th August - 1st September

  1. Les amis Belgique
  2. Castiglioncello Amatori 

Do you know that tournaments Prague’s barrel are organised for more than 30 years? And in the meantime we had the privilege to welcome more than 400 teams in Prague (many of them repeatedly). Become one of them and register your team!